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Creativity at all ages on show at Truro High School

From high concept installation photography to the thrill of the commedia dell'arte, pupils of all ages had their art, textiles, photography and pottery on display as part of the Truro High School’s annual Summer Exhibition.

For the first time, work created by pupils as young as 4-years-old was included in this celebration of creativity.

Themes included Cubism, coastlines and the Brazilian Carnival and the many different ways in which these topics were explored and interpreted has resulted in a fascinating exhibition that clearly demonstrates an extraordinary wealth of talent.

“It’s really important that our community are able to see just how hard the girls are working and how creative they are,” said Joint Head of Art Wendy Williams.  “We encourage the girls to experiment with their work from an early age and the results speak for themselves. They can try their hand at any media, from oil painting to metalwork, and I never ceased to be amazed at some of the ideas they come up with.  It really is impressive.”

Pieces include a mermaid created from recycled materials by Year 9, fabric weavings inspired by Cornish artist Jo Atherton by Prep 1, a 6-foot high canvas of Truro Cathedral painted under exam conditions by Year 11 Bennath Halse and outfits which have been inspired by fashion icons such as Marie Antoinette and Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Many other subjects have been incorporated into the girls’ art lessons creating a diverse and exciting collection of work. Cross-curricular projects have included researching classical mythology in English to create Ancient Greek pottery, exploring the commedia dell’arte in Drama to design Venetian masks and investigating Kenya’s Jua Kali artisans in Geography to fashion one-off sculptures by hand.

Work displayed in the exhibition also won top-level awards at last week’s CreatEd Exhibition hosted by Falmouth University. Against nearly 20 schools and colleges from across the county, Truro High pupils received the ‘Journalism’ award and honorary commendations in the ‘Fashion & Textiles’ category.

The exhibition will continue until July 5 from 3.45-5pm excluding weekends.

Published by: Grace Kennard

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