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Class of ’87 come back to school

The corridors at Cornwall's top girls school echoed to the sound of shrieks of laughter as 35 of Old Girls returned to school, 30 years after they last left.

The lunch was the latest in the school’s series of reunions and gave the visitors the chance to swap stories and catch up on three decades of news.

Also joining in were former members of staff including former Deputy Heads Lorna Jackson and Sheila Murphy, language teachers Mr and Mrs Shelton, English teacher Mr Lewis and Divinity teacher, the Rev. Little.

Before settling down for a tasty lunch, the group was given a tour of the school which proved to be the source of much hilarity. One former pupil delighted in running up and down the wooden stairs at the front of school four times – the stairs were strictly out of bounds to pupils in those days!

Another remarked on the absence of the ‘naughty girls’ bench outside the Headmaster’s office – apparently she had spent quite a lot of time sitting on it! Perhaps the biggest winner of the day was the former pupil who scoured the shelves in the Latin room, only to find a text book with her own name still written inside the cover.

The school would like to extend a huge thank you to all the ‘girls’ who took time out to come back to school and our gratitude too to Marianne Inskip and Daphne Ruddiman who trawled through the archive to produce a fantastic display of photos and stories to keep them all amused.

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