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Celebrating Harvest Festival

There were lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' when children at Truro High Prep School celebrated Harvest Festival with an enchanting medley of songs, acting and a prayer to round off the first half of the autumn term.

Dressed up in a variety of costumes that included animals and farmers, the nursery, reception and pre-prep girls and boys displayed abilities beyond their years when they performed in front of a packed audience of parents, family, staff and older pupils. There was a beautifully acted out song about bringing in the corn from Prep 2 and another about a big red combine harvester from the nursery which almost brought the house down. Everyone in the four classes who took part had their moment in the spotlight and not one of them disappointed.

“It was a really lovely occasion which we all enjoyed – especially the children,” said Alison Miller, Head of the Prep School. “It’s important for youngsters to understand the importance of the harvest and what it all means and they certainly threw themselves into the performance with gusto. Their parents can be very proud of them.”


Published by: Darren Stevens

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