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Better than ever GCSE Results

There were lots of very happy girls when GCSE results were opened at Truro High School. A 100% pass rate (A*-C) was scored in twelve subjects - including English Literature, German, History, Latin, Mathematics, Music and Religious Philosophy - and 100% of students passed 5 or more subjects with A*- C grades.

Half of all grades were either A* or A and almost three quarters were A* or B. All the pupils who took Latin and History were awarded A* or A for each subject.

Among the high fliers were Keri Joslyn, from Plymouth, who achieved 10A* and 1A, Katherine Glanville, from Truro, who got 9A* and 2As, Ceinwen Morgans, from Helston, with 7A* and 4As, Louise Johns, from Lelant with 7A* and 3As, Nok Li, from Hong Kong, with 5A* and 2 As, Rosalie Ward, from Redruth, with 4A* and 6As, Ellen Rodda, from Hayle, with 4A* and 6As, Laura Manhire, from St Newlyn East, with 3A* and 7As and Megan Tamblyn, from Playing Place, with 2A* and 9As.

Denise Tamblyn, from Playing Place, was in tears as she hugged her daughter.

“Megan’s been through so much in the last few years,” she said. “First of all her Dad lost his job so we had to move from Cheshire down to Cornwall. Then her Gran died from cancer and my husband got cancer. In the midst of all that she had to change schools, make new friends and study for her GCSEs. I’m so very proud of her.”

Megan, who got all A* and As, is staying at Truro High to take A Levels in English, German, Theatre Studies and History.

Ceinwen Morgans, from Helston, opened her envelope whilst her father, Evan, looked on. “I’ve got an A in Geography,” she screamed. “How did that happen!”

Adrienne Kurdyla, from Falmouth, was similarly thrilled. “My results are far better than I expected,” she said. “Waiting around this morning to get them was horrible but now I couldn’t be happier.”

The vast majority of Year 11 girls will now go on to study in the Truro High School Sixth Form.


Published by: Darren Stevens

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