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Award-winning author inspires young historians with tales of revolution

Opportunities to meet an award-winning author are rare so young historians at Truro High School were delighted to welcome acclaimed novelist, translator and journalist Charlotte Hobson for a special lecture today.

The one-off lecture offered girls an expert insight into the cultural leaps made during the time of the Russian Revolution which is this year celebrating its centenary.

From the anarchic dynamism of the Russian Futurists to Tatlin’s ground-breaking structures, the talk provided invaluable cultural context to the events pupils have been studying in their GCSE History lessons.

This period of radical upheaval is brought to life in Charlotte’s debut novel The Vanishing Futurist and the girls were also treated to some special readings ahead of its publication later this month to help them envisage life during this tumultuous time.

Head of Humanities & Enterprise, Mr George Ford said: “Lectures like this are a fantastic platform for our pupils to engage with their lessons from a radical new perspective alongside experts in their field. Charlotte’s talk was absolutely fascinating and certainly inspired her audience, many of whom left carrying signed copies of her book to carry on their research at home.”

Author of the award-winning memoir Black Earth City, Charlotte has led a fascinating and varied career which has seen her working for the Saatchi’s agency in Moscow, as an interpreter in the Caucasus and capturing her experiences of contemporary Russia in published prose. Her debut novel, The Vanishing Futurist, will be published by Faber during May 2016.

Published by: Grace Kennard

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