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A new learning experience for High School Old Girls

From as far afield as Dubai and as long ago as 1957, former Truro High girls went back to school to sample a top class 21st century education.

Amongst the crowd were three pairs of sisters and a mother and her daughter – all past pupils at the independent school.

After meeting over coffee, the Old Girls joined present pupils – all dressed in pink as part of fundraising for breast cancer charities – for regular classes in which they got a chance to brush up on their English, maths, textiles and religious philosophy.

Carolyn Hendra, a Truro High girl from 1953 – 1966, found her music lesson quite a revelation. Instead of simply learning about famous composers or listening to music, the lesson she joined was much more hands-on.

“It was quite an eye-opener,” she said. “The girls had been studying Sibelius and were working on marches using computers. The teacher had written a piano piece and the aim of the lesson was to compose a part for the trumpet. It was fascinating.”

Jane Moss, who worked for the former Labour government writing ‘spin doctor’ speeches for high profile MPs including David Blunkett and Hazel Blears, was a pupil from 1965 – 1972. She left whilst still in the junior school when her family moved to London but has always considered Cornwall to be her true home and has stayed in contact with her High School friends – particularly in recent months since the introduction of the Truro High Old Girls’ Facebook page.

“I’m really pleased to be back,” said Jane. “I stayed in touch with my London school classmates but not in the same way as I have done with my Truro High School friends. I have such very strong memories. I walked past a staircase today and clearly remembered that was where the Christmas tree would stand and we’d all bring in presents for a children’s home and place them under the tree. I had very happy days at Truro High School.”

After their lessons the Old Girls gathered in the dining hall for a school lunch, a meal quite different from – and a huge improvement on – those many were describing from their own experiences. Following lunch, sixth form students took small groups on tours of the school to see the vastly extended grounds, facilities and buildings.

Truro High Development Officer, Fiona Osman, said: “The Old Girls’ Association worked closely with the school to organise the event and it’s been incredibly special to see not just friends but families catching up and swapping memories. So many of the Old Girls like to keep in touch with the school and each other and that has become much easier since the launch of the Facebook page this summer.”


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