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A hands on experience of Diwali for Truro High School Nursery

With authentic costumes, handmade divas and homemade dal fry (lentil and vegetable soup) it was a true taste of Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, for the children of Truro High School Nursery.

It’s not unusual for young children to learn about the festivals and celebrations enjoyed by other cultures but it’s quite rare to have the opportunity to experience them first hand.

It was all made possible by the parents of one of the youngest pupils, Ornela Mallick, 3. During a recent business trip to India Ornela’s dad, Tapas, bought traditional Indian costumes for all the nursery children – saris for the girls, punjabi (tunic) and dohti (trousers) for the boys.

Nursery Head, Tracey Kemp, realising what a fantastic experience could be created for the children, worked with the Mallicks to organise a special learning experience. Before the celebration the children studied the meaning of Diwali and the traditions associated with it. They made and decorated clay candle holders, divas, made rangoli patterns – traditionally created with bright coloured powders on doorsteps to welcome guests during the festival – and they heard the story of how Rama defeated the monster, Ravana, a tale used to illustrate the meaning of the festival which marks the victory of good over evil.

On the day chosen for the nursery to celebrate Diwali, Mr and Mrs Mallick spent the morning showing the children how to make dal fry and then helping them to dress up in traditional costume.

Tracey said: “What an amazing opportunity! Actually celebrating in the traditional way, wearing the lovely outfits, eating authentic food and hearing about the traditions associated with Diwali first hand was a fantastic experience that the staff enjoyed just as much as the children. We’re all extremely grateful to the Mallick family for their efforts and generosity.”

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