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12-year-old Charlotte high kicks her way to karate black belt

A high-kicking Truro High karate kid continues to excel in the dojo as last week she clinched her first black belt at just 12-years-old.

Year 8 Charlotte Haynes has been training for 5 years in preparation for this epic test of fitness, skill and mental fortitude and her hard work is paying dividends as she returned home from her grading test with a Black Belt Shodan Ho proudly wrapped around her waist.

It was a 5am start for the young martial artist who underwent the gruelling 5 hour test without a break in order to claim this coveted karate grade. Charlotte was one of only three students awarded the Shodan Ho and the youngest member of the club in Cornwall to reach this level.

The testing was undertaken by Renshei Damien and Renshei Ann from Doryoku Ryu Karate Jutsu alongside expert Rensheis from the London grading board.

There was no let-up of the pace once Charlotte found out that she had passed with flying colours as she then joined over 100 Cornish Doryoku Ryu karate Jutsu students for a two hour seminar with the four Rensheis.

Charlotte has been training with the Doryoku Ryu Karate Jutsu since August 2012 and spending up to six hours in the dojo every week.

Delighted with their young martial artist’s success, Charlotte’s instructor Sensei Abby and the club’s senior Cornish instructor Sensei Mark are already helping her prepare for her second black belt as she continues to thrive in the dojo.

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