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Year 10 and 12 Work Experience Week

22nd June 2015 – 26th June 2015 all-day
Year 10 and 12 Work Experience Week

All students are expected to complete a week of work experience in the summer term of Years 10 and 12.

A work placement is an opportunity to spend a period of time outside the classroom, learning about a particular job or area of work. This helps pupils decide what they want to do for a career and also develops relevant skills and attitudes.

Specifically, work experience enables students to:

  • discover more about jobs they are interested in
  • learn how to deal with people, work in a team, use office equipment and IT packages
  • talk to other employees and find out about what they do
  • include details about their placement on their UCAS form, CV and job applications

There is a lot of competition for some placements so students should think about planning what they would like to do in advance.  If they have any contacts in a particular area of work that interests them, they may wish to explore these at the beginning of Years 10 and 12. Our Work Experience coordinator at school will guide them through the process.

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