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Year 10 & 12 Progress Day

1st July 2019 all-day
Mrs Sue Murley

Whether they’ve been investigating the world of aeronautical engineering, getting a taste of life as an interior designer, pulling on scrubs at a veterinary practice or seeing how they fare on the other side of the classroom, our Year 10 and 12s will have spent a fascinating week taking a closer look at their dream jobs and possible career paths in work experience.

When she has finished her placement your daughter will havea better idea about what she would like to do in the future, or indeed, what she doesn’t want to do! Following on from this we have organised a morning for girls returning to school where they will focus on next year, in order to get ready for the coming year and beyond.

This will begin with registration and a breakfast meeting in the Sixth Form. Girls need to be dressed appropriately for this morning (businesslike) where they will have the opportunity to hand in their Logbooks, hear about Year 12 Work Experience, UCAS, EPQ and the Arts Award as well as listen to the Head Girl Team talk about how to prepare for Year 11 and beyond.

The girls will also have appointments with their teachers to discuss how to achieve their full potential in Year 11. We hope your daughter makes the most of the morning, and that it helps her prioritise what they need to do during the summer to prepare for next year.

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