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Prep Choir perform at the St Austell Music Festival

2nd December 2015 all-day
St John's Church, St Austell
Bodmin Rd
Saint Austell PL25 5AE
Mrs Alison Miller, Head of Prep
Prep Choir perform at the St Austell Music Festival @ St John's Church, St Austell | United Kingdom

The Prep Choir have the honour of performing at the St Austell Music Festival. This will be held at St John’s Church in St Austell. We will take the girls there and back by coach and the whole event will take place during the school day. There will be no charge for this. Because the vast majority of Prep girls are in the choir, we will take any non-choir members from Prep 3 to Prep 6 with us to act as supporters – if you would prefer, the alternative is for them to stay in school and be looked after by the Pre-Prep teachers.

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