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Full Governor’s board meeting

23rd June 2015 @ 9:00 am
Truro High Sixth Form Centre
Truro High School for Girls
Falmouth Road, Truro, Cornwall TR1 2HU
Mr Bryan Login, Bursar
Full Governor's board meeting @ Truro High Sixth Form Centre | Truro | United Kingdom

The Governing Body at Truro High School meets at least once a term with 3 sub-committees for Finance and Development, Governance and Nominations and Education and Pastoral meeting in advance. The agendas will vary from meeting to meeting but there are common features.

The Headteacher’s Report will be a standard item with a prominent place on the agenda. The Headteacher’s report will include the best indicators of the School’s performance which, over a period of time, will enable governors to discern the School’s strengths and  weaknesses. The report will also contain an account of progress in meeting the objectives of the Strategic Plan and any proposals for amendment. In addition, ample time will also be spent on the financial report presented by the Bursar.

The chairs of the sub committees will provide reports to the Full Board meeting. Governors will be regularly informed of changes in the law that have implications for the School. At each meeting, governors will spend time questioning the executive (the Head and the Bursar who are in attendance as non-voting employees) on the measures they have in place to ensure compliance.

The meetings will also refer to academic and pastoral issues that require review and mention will be made of staffing problems and any serious breaches of discipline.

Typically, the Business & Development Committee will recommend the annual budget, including any proposed fee increase. The Business committee will also oversee any capital spending and long-term investments.

The programme of meetings at the School will be published well in advance.

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