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Classics, Geography and Art Trip to Italy

13th February 2016 – 18th February 2016 all-day
Mrs Sarah Brown, Head of Classics
Classics, Geography and Art Trip to Italy @ Italy

Truro High School Classics, Geography and Art Departments will be taking a group of Year 10-13 pupils to visit Rome and Pompeii to explore the art, architecture and culture of the Roman Empire and Renaissance.

The trip will include visits to sites of cultural and historical significance including the Colosseum, the Roman forum, Mount Vesuvius, the Vatican, Sistine chapel, Pompeii, St Peter’s Basilica and the Pantheon.

This trip is open to any pupil currently in Years 10-13 and will be of great benefit to any who are studying Latin, Classical Civilisation, Geography or Art. It is however intended to be of general interest and includes the opportunity to see some of the most famous natural and man-made sights in the world.

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