Health & Happiness

Truro High School has always been known for its outstanding pastoral care. Our girls’ personal happiness and welfare is key to everything we do and we all work hard to ensure every individual thrives in a supportive environment.

Not only are the boarding staff approachable and caring but we also have an Independent Listener, a School Nurse and, in school, the Form Tutors to deal with any problems which may arise. Boarding staff are closely linked with the girls’ academic tutors to ensure we can support them fully during their experience away from home.

We have small boarding houses with a family feel in order to give every girl who comes to board with us the individual attention they need. We are especially watchful of new students who are settling in a long way from home. We offer an orientation week at the beginning of each academic year for new joiners. A detailed and thorough induction is also offered to pupils who join at other points in the year.

We are proud of the excellent standard of pastoral care with a recent ISI report commenting:

‘The school is highly successful in creating a supportive, nurturing environment and pupils of all ages are palpably happy and confident. They feel well looked after and receive high quality support and guidance which they greatly appreciate.’

‘Boarders develop strong friendships and quickly feel great loyalty to their house. They appreciate the family atmosphere in the houses and the warm relationships they have with boarding staff, who clearly know the boarders well.’

Girls who come to board with us discover a close-knit family experience: a supportive environment for them to learn and develop key skills for life, whether through communal living, taking responsibility for their washing and appearance or a greater control of time planning and budgeting.