Boarding Options

We welcome full-time boarders from Prep 6 through to the Sixth Form, with girls from Prep 3 upwards often staying with us on an occasional or flexi-boarding basis. 

There are three options to choose from:

Full Boarding
Full boarders usually stay in the houses at weekends although of course they can go home if that is planned by the family. Those who stay will normally take part in at least one planned house activity on one day and then simply relax, enjoy Truro or complete homework on the other day.

A programme of activities is organised termly in advance and includes trips to the theatre and cinemas, cycling, sailing, surfing, laser quest, ice-skating, shopping etc.

Weekly Boarding
This enables girls to go home every weekend whilst participating fully in school life during the week. Parents can collect their daughters from school at the end of Friday afternoon and return on Monday morning (or Sunday evening).

Occasional/Flexi Boarding
Girls are welcome to stay in the boarding house for occasional nights in term time providing there is space available, for a very reasonable charge. Boarding for part of a term can also sometimes be arranged – perhaps in response to a family emergency, because parents are working away or going on holiday.

Boarders do not remain in the houses during half terms and are either expected to return home on the Friday evening after school or be looked after by their guardian.