Another year of exceptional success

We are delighted to report that it has been another year of exceptional academic success for students at Truro High School.

– More than a third of this year’s A Level cohort has gone through our Aspiring Programmes for Medics, Engineers and Lawyers and secured places to study on a number of these highly competitive courses

– Nearly 15% of these students secured coveted spots to study Masters degrees

– All students wishing to pursue a career in the creatives arts secured unconditional places to study at top arts colleges based on the strength of their portfolios alone

The celebrations come as demand for Sixth Form places has soared at school – this year has seen our largest intake in many years into this September’s Year 12.

In line with other high ranking public schools such as Rugby and Wycombe Abbey, the school will be no longer be publishing its GCSE and A Level results.

– Last year, league tables ranked the school as England’s number one small independent school

– We are withdrawing from these league tables due to our increasing concerns that this growing culture of comparison is damaging to our students’ mental health

– We are extremely proud of the results our students attain however feel that by focussing on the tables, we undermine the journey of hard work, determination and growth that all our girls undertake

This year, therefore, we have not issued any big public announcements about how well our students have done against others. Instead, our focus has been on putting the wellbeing of our students first and celebrating the individual achievements of each and every one of them. As you can see from the successes of this year’s A Level cohort, there has been much to celebrate and the girls are now reaping the fruits of their labour as they head off to some of the UK’s top universities to study subjects ranging from medicine to mechanical engineering, textile design, psychology and criminology.

– One in four teenage girls in Britain is reported to have experienced problems relating to mental health but this is not the case at Truro High

– We focus on student well-being

– Despite our great results, we are not an academic pressure cooker

– We select our pupils because they fit in with our ethos

– This policy creates a community that grows and thrives on good relationships and excellent teaching

It is due to this ethos that Truro High School continues to be regarded as one of the top girls’ schools in the country, providing an exceptional all-round education to girls from all across the world against the beautiful backdrop of Cornwall’s dramatic coastline, clean air and moorland scenery.

Demand for places at the school has soared this year, however we have unexpectedly had ONE IMMEDIATE START SIXTH FORM SPACE REMAINING due to one student being unable to take up her place for personal reasons. LIMITED SPACES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE IN OTHER YEARS GROUPS for Lent and Summer Term 2020 and booking is now open for entry to the school in September 2020.

If you have any particular students in mind for these places, please contact Mrs Jo Norriss on 01872 242902 or email