Registrar’s Corner – Packing your pencil case for the 11+

With just a few days to go, it’s an exciting time of year for all the girls who will soon be packing their pencil cases for our 11+ and 13+ Entrance Examinations. We know that the experience can seem a little daunting and that your daughter may well have last-minute questions about the day.

With this in mind we sat down Prep 6s Bee, Izzy, Mimi, Rosie, Dominique and Lucy with our Registrar Miss Catie Shaw to find out a little bit more about heading into the exam room and why girls needn’t worry about the big day.

Lucy: What will happen when we get into school?

Catie: It’ll be a relaxed start in the dining room with hot drinks, croissants and the chance to meet the girls who will be joining us from other schools – it’s a great opportunity to chill out a little and make some new friends. There will be lots of familiar faces there too including myself, our Headmaster Dr Moodie and a handful of super friendly girls from the senior school. These girls will be hand throughout the day to help you feel at home and all remember exactly what it was like to be in your shoes.


Izzy: So what exams will we be doing?

Catie: There are two parts to the examination that everybody sits: an hour on English and the same for Maths. All of you will sit the same papers that include questions ranging in difficulty – some you will probably find quite simple and there will be a few that will really get you thinking. The most complex questions are designed to help us select academic scholars.


Dominique: What if I can’t answer a question?

Catie: Don’t panic. There may well be parts of the exam which you find challenging – everyone has different talents and that’s exactly what we want to see. The best thing to do is give it go; you may well be surprised to find how quickly an answer comes once you get in the flow.

If you’re really struggling with a particular question then move on and keep going with the rest of the paper. You can always come back to it if you have time at the end.


Rosie: What happens if we’re staying for the whole day?

Catie: If you’re staying with us for assessments in the afternoon, you’ll have a lovely long lunch to let off some steam and have fun with your friends. Feeling relaxed is so important to helping you achieve your best so there are plenty of opportunities for you all to take a break, stretch your legs and tuck into a cookie from the kitchens.


Mimi: When will we find out how we’ve done?

Catie: Letters should be dropping on your doormats around the end of January. We know that waiting to find out how you’ve done can be quite nerve-wracking but remember these assessments are all about discovering potential and highlighting your talents; it’s just a chance to show us what you do best so there really is nothing to worry about.


Bee: My dad says it’s all about feeling prepared and even thinks you should get ready the night before the night before…

Catie: That’s great advice – make sure you pack your pencil case (including spares), choose something to wear which you will feel comfortable in and get a good night’s sleep.

You’re always going to feel a little apprehensive before an exam but if you get everything ready for the morning you can have a really relaxing evening – I definitely recommend having a bubble bath and something yummy for dinner. Taking the time to step back from any nerves you may have means you can walk into the exam room feeling really prepared. Just remember that it’s your time to show what superstars you are!


We would like to wish the best of luck to all the girls who will be taking our 11+ and 13+ Examinations this weekend. If you haven’t signed up yet but would like your daughter to sit our Entrance Examinations please contact our Registrar Miss Catie Shaw on 01872 272904 or email