Keeping Your Daughter Happy

We take our pastoral care responsibilities very seriously. The girls’ personal happiness and welfare is key to everything we do and we all work hard to ensure every individual thrives in a kind, thoughtful and supportive environment.

Class teachers in the Prep School, and Form and Sixth Form Tutors in the Senior School have immediate responsibility for their pupils’ well being and progress. In the Prep School, girls have a different class teacher every year but in the senior school, Form Tutors remain with their Forms from Year 7 to Year 11. This ensures continuity through what can be, for some girls, a more testing time emotionally.

And, of course, because we are a smaller school, we know each other well and problems are far more easily detected. The Head of Prep has overall responsibility for pastoral care in the Prep School and in the Senior School we have a Senior Deputy Head Academic and Deputy Head Pastoral. In the Sixth Form, students have regular meetings with their tutors to discuss personal and academic matters and they can also refer to the Head of Sixth Form, who supports the Sixth Form tutors, when necessary.

We are justifiably proud of the relationship between girls and staff. It provides the perfect forum for discussing any anxiety or problem so that, together, a workable solution is found.