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17 November 2014 / Pupils, parents and staff pay tribute to the fallen

Pupils at Truro High School have commemorated the First World War in a moving performance of some of its music, poetry and literature.

Playing to a packed crowd of parents, friends and staff, girls aged 7 to 18 brought experiences of the Great War to life in the imagination with a concert programme that included songs, readings and drama.

From the moment the Prep School Choir opened the evening with a rousing, then solemn, chorus of "It's a Long Way to Tipperary', the audience was taken through a poignant journey that ended, fittingly, with everyone standing for The Last Post, played by Kirsten Burden.

"It's important that young people have an opportunity to examine the many faces of the conflict and to understand that heroism, innovation and brilliance went side by side with carnage, incompetence and savagery," said George Ford, the school's Head of History. "The First World War, like the Second, was transformative and to judge it to be futile is unhistorical. Without doubt, the sacrifices borne by that generation and the next contributed to a new Europe that has been based on democratic values and respect for liberty."

The evening included the moving scene from ‘Oh What a Lovely War' when British and German soldiers meet in No Man's Land to play football at Christmas.

"Led by Mr Ford, everyone involved worked very hard and the result was a beautiful, thought-provoking commemoration," said Headmaster Glenn Moodie. "I think we all came away with a great sense of the loss that was endured, but also with feelings of respect, admiration and gratitude. It was a magnificent tribute and one that I have no doubt we will all remember for a very long time."

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