Food and Nutrition at A Level

This ‘A' level course offers diverse and interesting modules which will appeal to a wide range of students. It will provide you with the ability to investigate and understand the needs and responsibilities of a consumer in a changing multicultural and technological world.

You will have a love of food and an interest in the nutritional content of food to enjoy this course. You will also need a desire to find out what motivates and influences the choices people make about food. This course has a strong sociology content as well as practical food preparation and the study of nutrition.

At ‘AS' level you will study two units. The first, ‘Society and Health', enables you to develop a critical understanding of the issues that affect the individual, families and households such as health, poverty, employment and homelessness. The second unit. ‘Resource Management' will enable you to understand the need to manage resources such as food, finances and consumer rights in an ever changing world.

At ‘A2' the unit ‘Nutrition and Food Production' enables you to explore the relationship between food, nutrition and health alongside some aspects of Food Technology.

This specification is an excellent preparation for students wishing to pursue careers in nutrition, food science, sports science, food technology and consumer protection. It would also be relevant for students thinking of any health related career, particularly environmental health.

Course Outline:
Specification OCR H111 (‘AS' level) and H511 (‘A2' level)

‘AS' level Unit 1 - Society and Health
Unit 2 - Resource Management
2 examination papers, total duration 3 hours

‘A2' level Unit 3 - Investigative Study*
Unit 4 - Nutrition & Food Production-1 exam paper 1 hour 30 mins

* Coursework evidence is presented with a 3000 word report

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